How Self-Storage Units Can Help With Inventory Mangement For Seasonal Businesses

When you run a business that is heavily focused on seasonal goods, you're inevitably going to face inventory turnover. When the season change approaches, you'll have to figure out how you plan to deal with your excess inventory from the current season's products. If the inventory you have now will still be relevant for next year's sales, there's no reason to liquidate or return it to the supplier. Instead, you can protect your investment and save shelf space by putting your prior season's inventory into a storage unit. If you've ever wondered how a storage unit can help you control your inventory, here are some things that you should know.

Advanced Planning is Easier

When the company rents a storage unit, you have added space to stock up on inventory months before the season shift actually happens. This gives you the chance to capitalize on pre-season sales to get your inventory at the lowest possible prices. It also makes it easier for you to buy in bulk, because your storage space is more flexible.

Managing Your Inventory is More Straightforward

When you have the extra space to stock up on the seasonal items at their lowest prices, it also means that you can stock up enough to be prepared for consumer demand. It reduces the risk of facing shortages, because you can pull stock from your storage facility while you wait for new orders to arrive. This will even allow you to retain customers that may otherwise be lost if you had to turn them away due to inventory shortages.

Security is Simpler

When your overstock inventory is in a storage facility, it's much easier to keep it secure. You won't risk losing everything if there's a break-in at the store. Instead, just keep a lock of your own on the unit for extra protection, and you'll always have some inventory to fall back on. For a little more protection, consider a storage facility that has onsite security patrolling the facility regularly.

When a key part of your business is dependent on impulse purchases and seasonal products, it is essential that you have the stock on hand to respond to increased consumer demands. With the information presented here, you can better understand how an offsite storage unit can help you manage and protect your stock. The better prepared you are before the season changes, the easier it will be for you to meet your customer requests and change out your current offerings.

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