3 Questions You Should Ask A Moving Company Before Hiring Them

Moving can be a very stressful experience. The amount of work that goes into a move can be daunting, as well as the emotional stress of the changes that you will be going through. This is why it is important that you do everything you can to minimize the work and stress of a move. One way to do this is to hire a moving company. Here are some questions you should ask a potential moving company before you hire them.

1. What Are The Additional Fees?

As a general rule, your moving companies' bids are not final. Instead, there will generally be additional fees associated with the move that can really add up. If you are not careful you will get stuck with a bill that you can't afford. This is why you should always ask about the additional fees that they charge. Some common fees would be packaging materials, moving heavy items such as a piano or large pieces of furniture, or even long distance fees. For example, if you move to an apartment building where they have to park far away or where there are stairs, you may have to pay additional money. Don't get caught with a large bill than you expected, ask before you hire the company what their fees are.

2. Are There Cheaper Times To Move?

If you have a flexible schedule you might ask when the best time is to move for your wallet. There are peak moving seasons. These are times when the moving companies have a lot of business and so they are able to increase their prices. If you choose to move in the down season, or perhaps midweek, you could get a much better deal on your move. Don't overpay when you don't have to. Instead, ask about discounts for moving during a down time.

3. What Accreditation and Certification Do You Have?

There are people out there who will try to scam you by posing as a moving company. Before you hire any company you need to be sure that they are a safe and accredited moving company. They should have accreditation with the Better Business Bureau and license to run all of their equipment. If they cannot provide adequate documentation, run the other way. It could be a scam and you could lose your money as well as many of your belongings.

By asking these questions before hiring a relocation moving service, you can be confident that you chose the right moving company for you.