Avoiding Seven Years Of Bad Luck: Prepping A Mirror For An Unshattering Move

If you are planning on moving to a new home and you have a large mirror that needs to come along or be placed in storage, it will be necessary to package it appropriately so it does not become damaged while in transit. It is possible to move a mirror on your own if you have the proper supplies available to protect it. Here are some tips you can use when moving a mirror so you do not end up shards of glass as a result.

Use Tape Across The Mirror's Surface

Prepare the mirror for the move by using tape across the reflective portion to help contain shards of glass should there be an incident where a breakage occurs. With the proper protection, this is unlikely, but it is best to be prepared to avoid the risk of injury. Place a piece of painter's or masking tape on the glass from alternate corners of the mirror, constructing a letter "X" as a result.

Cover The Glass With Padded Materials

After the mirror is taped, wrap it in bubble wrap or use padded paper to give it some cushioning. This can be secured to the mirror with packing tape. It is a good idea to tape a piece of cardboard over the side with reflective glass to help keep the cushioning from shifting while in transit. 

Place The Mirror In An Appropriate Enclosure

Use a sturdy cardboard box to contain your mirror. This should be only a few inches bigger than each of the mirror's dimensions so there is not a lot of room for it to move around inside. Do not reuse an old cardboard box as this could have inadequate corrugated cushioning due to deterioration. Instead, purchase a new box to contain your mirror. 

Cushion The Enclosure's Interior For Added Protection

Wad up a couple of pieces of newsprint and slide them into the box to fit each of the corners. This will help keep the box from becoming crushed, helping to keep the mirror intact. Place a layer of packing peanuts in the bottom of the box before sliding in the mirror. Add more packing peanuts on the sides of the mirror to give it an additional layer of cushioning. Roll up a piece of bubble wrap to fill in any space near the box's flaps before closing. Secure well with packing tape and label the enclosure as fragile if a moving company will be placing it in a truck.