Worried About Oversized Item Damage When Moving? 3 Things to Let Professionals Pack

Packing up for a move usually encompasses separating items into boxes for each room and making sure everything is properly placed into bags, bins, and boxes to avoid damage during the drive to a new home. But, there are some things that are not so simple to prepare for moving due to fragility, heaviness, or bulkiness. You might be determined to overcome the challenges you are faced with, but it is okay to admit defeat when the alternative is assuring that your possessions will get to the new residence unharmed. So, even though you might not be hiring a moving company to do everything, you can still benefit from professional packing services as well as loading and unloading services if you want a little extra help.

Furniture That Cannot Be Disassembled

A lot of furniture that is made these days comes unassembled in the first place. The box you get comes with instructions, hardware, and a few plastic tools to get you through the assembly process. But, if you have your hands on older furniture that is not as easy to break down into pieces, you may be having a problem coming up with a plan of how you are going to move the furniture. Movers have extensive experience with handling situations like this and can provide you with an optimal solution. They might actually be able to take some pieces apart, or they may wrap the furniture thoroughly for maximum protection.

Large Flat-Screen Televisions

A 32-inch television is a fairly easy size to carry around. But, when you have anything larger, it only becomes increasingly difficult to move around, and especially to move into a new home. Some older flat-screen models have high-quality built-in speakers, which can also add a lot to the overall weight. And, since you cannot disassemble a television, you will want to rely on professional packing. Movers can pick up a box that matches the size of your TV and use the best packing process to keep it from getting damaged.

A High-Capacity Aquarium

Aquariums made of acrylic should not be too difficult to handle because they are lighter in weight compared to glass. But, if you have something like a 125-gallon glass aquarium, you could have an enormous rectangle-shaped item that is extremely fragile and can easily weigh over 200 lbs. Even the slightest crack can lead to costly repairs and reduce the total lifespan of the tank. Water damage is not cheap to fix, so the last thing you want to do is cut corners on moving your large aquarium.

Professional packing from a company such as Dixie Moving and Storage Inc. can have exceptional value, especially when it comes to packing delicate items.