Tips For Moving Heavy Furniture

Whether you've moving to a new home or rearranging an office, moving heavy furniture is usually part of the deal. The problem with moving heavy furniture is that it can lead to serious injury. Here are four top tips for moving heavy furniture to keep you and your helpers safe.

Carry High and Low

When it comes to larger, two-person items, you'll need to carry it in a way to balance the weight. One person should carry from the bottom of the tipped item and the other should grab the top. This will prevent the item from swinging, as the weight remains in the center. You'll find this method helps you carry things on the stairs. 

Wrap in Blankets

Even if you're just moving into a different room, protect your belongings from scratches and dents. This isn't just about protecting the items, but also your walls and doors. Wrap items up in blankets, so there is a buffer for when items do knock into each other or into walls (and they will).

In some cases, the blankets can help to move larger items as they help to avoid the friction with the carpet. This is especially the case when moving up and down stairs. When on tiles, you can also place heavier items on top of blankets and then drag them instead to make moving easier.

Don't Bend at the Back

When picking heavier items up, always bend at the knees and lift with the leg. Too many people bend at the back naturally, but end up injuring their spines. Backs aren't designed to hold that kind of weight, whereas the legs are.

Shoulder straps are another option when moving larger items. You can set the items within the straps, so they take the majority of the work. You'll not have to worry about broken toes if your grip accidentally slips, either.

Slide Wherever Possible

This isn't always an option, depending on where you are moving, but slide items when you can. This is especially the case when it comes to getting up and down stairs, as there will be less chance of falling down because of a missed step. The blanket tip above will help, but you can also use plastic sliders to help this process.

Don't injure yourself when moving heavy furniture. Following the above tips will help you to avoid that and protect your furniture, walls, and doors. Whether you're moving between rooms or moving a whole house, you will be able to benefit. For more information, contact local professionals like Quick n Careful Movers.