Protecting Your Personal Belongings From Theft From Your Storage Unit

If you plan on placing some of your personal items in a self storage unit for an extended time period, you are undoubtedly concerned about their well being because you are not able to monitor the space they will be situated in on a constant basis. There are several steps you can take to help protect your belongings while they are being housed in a storage facility. Here are some tips to use in keeping your belongings from becoming the victim of a theft while you are not in the vicinity.

Scout For The Perfect Storage Facility

When selecting a storage facility to hold your items, do an evaluation of the security provided to customers before signing a rental agreement. Look for a storage facility that offers around-the-clock security if you are concerned about someone breaking into your unit. An establishment equipped with a card reader system will be helpful in keeping people without their own units from accessing the area. Make sure the facility has adequate lighting illuminating the front of your individual unit to help keep undesirables from attempting a break-in.

Make It Difficult To Access Expensive Items

To help keep your belongings away from possible theft, place your more expensive treasures along the back wall of your unit. If you place expensive items in the front of your unit, they will be more prone to being taken. Place less enticing items in view of the door to make a robber think your items are not interesting, possibly having them move on to another target as a result. While walkways to get to the back are desirable, it may be better to block an easy access to the back area since you will not be visiting the unit often. These can be moved when you do decide to take a look at your belongings.

Hide Cherished Items In Unobtrusive Spots

Consider placing important items inside bland looking cabinets or containers to keep them out of view. Hiding smaller items inside a bin of clothing or a box of books will make them less likely to be taken by someone searching your unit for something to steal. Locking cabinets can also be helpful in containing smaller items. Place several items on top of these containers to make them harder to get out of your unit, possibly saving them from being taken altogether. It is also a good idea to label boxes incorrectly to trick thieves into thinking boring items are contained within—as long as you remember what's actually in there.