3 Things to Avoid Packing for an International Move

If moving wasn't hard enough on its own, it gets much more complicated when you are moving to a brand-new country. You cannot simply pack up your belongings in the back of a rented truck and drive across the city, since the distance is great enough to require international movers to handle the logistics of getting all your stuff to your new home. To make things easier on your movers, there are some things you should avoid taking with you.

Perishable Food Items

You may have had a stocked kitchen back at your old home, but you cannot take all of that food with you. Anything that is perishable should be left behind, so try to use it up in the days leading up to your big move.

Your belongings may sit in shipping containers for a while before they arrive at your new home. If you are moving to temporary housing first, some of those items may find their way into storage and not be opened for months. You do not want to have food items spoiling while they are stored away, causing a nasty odor to form or leading pests to find their way towards your stuff.

Hazardous Materials

Ask your moving company what materials are considered hazardous and cannot be taken with you during the move. Common materials that people accidentally pack include cleaning materials like ammonia, charcoal or propane for a BBQ grill, sterno, aerosol containers, and even extra batteries.

If the material is potentially explosive, corrosive, or flammable, it should be left behind instead of packed.

Immediate-Need Belongings

Another mistake is assuming that your stuff is going to get to your new home before you do. If there is any delay in the move, there will be packed items that you need to get out of the shipping containers immediately and then have to scramble to find a replacement item for. This can include personal care items like glasses, a toothbrush, or a prescription.

Think of the essential items that you need to get through the next couple of days and have them with you in your personal luggage or carry-on bags. In addition, don't make the mistake of packing identification items like a passport, which may have been forgotten about when you packed your desk drawer filled with important papers.

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