Dust Mites And Mattress Storage Tips

If you need to store a house full of belongings for some time, then you may need to put your mattress in a storage space. Some mattresses cost upwards of $5,000, and if you have a high-end or pricey mattress, then you should do what you can to protect your investment. This means protecting it from damage during the storage period. Learn about a few tips that will help you understand how dust mites can be an issue and how you can keep them from destroying your mattress. 

Dust Mites And Mattress Storage Issues

If you have had your mattress for some time, then there are likely quite a few dust mites that live inside of it. These mites live off the skin cells that you shed as you sleep, and there are more than enough of the cells to allow the thousands of dust mites in your mattress to live for some time. The presence of the mites as well as the skin cells is normal. However, if the mites are left undisturbed in a wet and warm environment, they will multiply substantially. The dust mite activity can break up the cushioning in your mattress and also leave you with a heavy bed that may be difficult for you to move. 

Also, an abundance of dust mites can contribute to the formation of sinus polyps and general allergic rhinitis problems. The more mites that are able to thrive in your mattress while it is in storage, the more issues you will have when you finally start sleeping on your bed again.

Dust Mite Control

One of the best ways to reduce dust mite activity in your mattress is to make sure that your storage space is relatively cool and dry. A climate controlled unit can provide the optimal conditions for the bed. Most storage businesses will offer a constant temperature between about 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, low or medium range humidity is available. Try to rent one of these controlled units if possible.

You will also need to cover your mattress. This will help to reduce the amount of oxygen that flows through the mattress so fewer dust mites will remain alive inside of it. A waterproof and airtight zippered mattress cover will work well. You can also wrap the mattress in stretch wrap. Stretch film or stretch wrap is flexible and tear resistant polyethylene film. You can purchase the wrap at a shipping or moving supply store. 

When you purchase the wrap, ask a friend to hold your mattress upright as you cover it in the material. Make sure to overlap the wrap and also cover the ends of the mattress. Cut and secure the film with tape when you are done.

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