Taking The Stress Out Of Moving: 3 Things You Should Do Before The Movers Arrive

For many people, moving day can be stressful and chaotic. Thankfully, taking the stress out of moving can be much easier than you realize. In fact, taking the time to complete the three simple steps below before your movers arrive can easily help to take the stress out of moving. 

Clearly Mark Any Items You Do Not Want The Movers To Touch

Most people have at least a few items that they wish to transport themselves either because they have significant sentimental value or because they are afraid they would get damaged inside the moving truck. If there are items that you do not want the moving company to take, it is important to clearly label these items ahead of time. This will save you from needing to point out every item as you walk through the house and will ensure that no mistakes are made. The easiest way to mark these items is with a brightly colored label or piece of paper. This will make it easy for the movers to identify the items that should remain in the house so that they are able to move quickly without making any mistakes. 

Make Sure There Is Ample Space For The Moving Truck To Park

If you have a driveway, you will want to move your personal vehicles out of the way before the moving truck arrives in order to allow your movers to park safely off the main road. If your home only offers on-street parking, you will need to make sure that the spot closest to your home is left available for the moving truck. Placing traffic cones in the space in front of your home will help ensure that no other cars park in this area before your moving truck arrives. This is very important since the further away your movers have to park, the longer it will inevitably take them to load the moving truck. 

Make Arrangements For Child Care And A Pet Sitter If Necessary

Young children and pets can pose a safety risk on your moving day. This is because not only will your movers need to be aware of their location at all times while trying to carry your heavy furnishings and boxes, but there is potential for your children or pets to become injured by some of the tools and equipment that will be present on moving day. Planning ahead and arranging child care or pet sitter services can help protect your children, pets, and movers. It can also spare you the stress of trying to keep up with your children or pets while also overseeing the moving company. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for movers near you.