Four Important Things To Do As Soon As You Move In

When you first move into a new home, it's normal to be a bit overwhelmed by all that there is to do. In the mayhem, new residents sometimes forget to do important things—and this leads to all sorts of hassles later on. So, in the midst of unpacking your boxes and finding the perfect places for your favorite chairs, be sure to take the time to complete these other vital tasks. Read More 

Tips For Moving Heavy Furniture

Whether you've moving to a new home or rearranging an office, moving heavy furniture is usually part of the deal. The problem with moving heavy furniture is that it can lead to serious injury. Here are four top tips for moving heavy furniture to keep you and your helpers safe. Carry High and Low When it comes to larger, two-person items, you'll need to carry it in a way to balance the weight. Read More 

Selling Your Possessions Online? Meet The Buyer At Your Storage Facility

Keeping a unit at your local storage facility dramatically increases the amount of space that you have to store your possessions, but it also provides you with other benefits that you might not have previously considered. If you're the type of person who wishes to sell seldom-used items on your local online classified sites, you may be reluctant to do so because you don't want strangers coming to your house. A logical solution to this problem is to transport the item to the storage facility and arrange to meet the buyer in that location instead. Read More 

3 Excellent Reasons To Put Your RV In Storage When You Aren’t Using It

An RV is an excellent investment and something that you can get a ton of use out of. It can be taken anywhere that you are allowed to camp and can making camping in and of itself a much more enjoyable experience. You can simply pull up to your camping spot in your RV, turn on your generator or plug your RV into a designated location for power and water, and you are ready to go. Read More 

Avoiding Seven Years Of Bad Luck: Prepping A Mirror For An Unshattering Move

If you are planning on moving to a new home and you have a large mirror that needs to come along or be placed in storage, it will be necessary to package it appropriately so it does not become damaged while in transit. It is possible to move a mirror on your own if you have the proper supplies available to protect it. Here are some tips you can use when moving a mirror so you do not end up shards of glass as a result. Read More